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Top Player Mentality by KOFiend

Posted by Nica K.O on June 26, 2012 at 3:05 PM

For everyone planning on progressing in their game, whether you're stuck at a wall or just starting out, you can use these quick tips to expand your mindset and maximize your potential as a 3s player.

The Game:

Learn the alphabet:

Moves, mechanics, distances, timing, etc.

Build an offensive and defensive vocabulary:

Have a MINIMUM of 3 different mix ups for ANY offensive and defensive situation. Or die.


Use your damn memory!

You have 10+ options for any situation:

High move, low move, DP like move, super like move, high parry, low parry, high block, low block, neutrals(throw/UOH), maneuvers(6 jumps/2 dashes/2 walks/roll/no roll), multi-options(combinations), etc. etc.

- These are all legit options given the right situation. Yes, even a UOH on your own wake up.

- Use everything in your toolbox. Yes a plumber can work without a wrench, but why?

Guessing gets you to a certain level really fast:

But it becomes easy to stay there.

Standard fighting game procedure:

“What I think he thinks about what I’m looking like I’ll do, but in reality, I’m gonna __ in case he already considers that I will…”


Throw away how you think the game should be played:

Just win. Nobody wants to play “Talk Strike”.

Never be satisfied with any “success”:

Self explanatory.

Always blame yourself:

Good or bad, be negative about your performance.

Losing is not impressive:

A clown will waste everyone’s time. There are better things to do with that same amount of time used.

Don’t play “Excuse Strike”:

Nobody cares that you’re capable of better or not a fan of the game. You lost.

There is a very thin line between confident and cocky:

If you can’t walk it, be humble. Half the players won’t avoid you and everyone will continue to improve.

Corny but true:

Distance = time:

For example, even if trip guard is activated, if the landing distance is different but your timing remains the same, you will have a problem.

You should lose to your opponent:

Not because you caged your own mind.

There is no right answer:

Find a marriage of the structured and unstructured. Everything can be very correct, but also absolutely wrong. Be firm but flexible. Be balanced from the center, but also from the extreme left and right.

See things beyond yourself:

Look at the game through the eyes of an mathematician/__ lawyer/__ economist/race car driver/fisherman/__ engineer/psychologist/gambler/__ doctor/etc.etc.

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