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Nica K.O: My reactions to the Capcom Qualifier

Posted by Nica K.O on August 13, 2012 at 1:40 PM

First off I want to say thank you for everyone who supported me throughout the entire tournament even from the weeks prior.  Many players will think to look at the Grand Finals as a match where I outsmarted Ricky but in reality, it was adjustments but even more so the support and faith everyone had in me to win this tournament.  I was a major favorite to win this tournament and being put into losers 0-2 by Ricky didn't shake me too much.  I looked deep inside myself during my losers finals match after i lost my first round to Adam3s and i said "I am not going to lose this!".  Then the change began....i became much stronger after the 1st round and stayed completely focused on the grand finals.  In a top player's mind 9 times out of 10, they look inside the game to figure out how to beat the other player rather than looking inside themself and asking how much do they really want the win.  I had no doubt in my mind after my losers finals match that i wasn't afraid and persevered through a grueling 2 sets vs the best character in the game being controlled by one of the strongest players in the country.  Making adjustments to his style of play became easier after my 1st win in grand finals, from there the confidence plus everyone believing in me took me to win the 1st set.  Things became much more clearer in the game as well as outside the game.  I began to notice Ricky guessed a lot, his had no understanding of the punishments on his whiffs Yang can do, and his reactions became his biggest weakness being that in the heat of the match, one short nerve plus reactions = a bad mistake and i took that into account.  From there I saw the things that lied ahead of me and realized that without a doubt, i KNEW and FELT it in my heart that i was going to win.  Many people will look at this post and think "wow that's really cliche" but in reality, just like in any anime, any sport, any movie, or any story, the big moments occur when someone believes in themself before anything.  After i took the win in the grand finals and everyone rushed the stage with excitement, there was no words that can describe the way i felt, it was simply an amazing feeling that can only be acheived thru the hardest possible fight a person can have both physically and mentally.  To push myself beyond what I could do and win it all to acheive something that's only in a 3s players dreams was surreal.  I'm became very proud of myself but more importantly i  became proud of what i stood for, everything 3s in this country was reduced to merely people bashing the game with Chun, Yun, Ken finals omg omg soo boring, blah blah blah Justin this, Ricky that, only Chun Chun Chun and this win is more than just a trip to Cali in the finals to play the best, it's a win for EVERYONE in the world that lost hope in 3s but wishes to believe it can be something greater and I am happy to have lead this community to that victory so for that i thank ALLL of you!!

Being my biggest tournament (over 140 players) ever, with the biggest moments, and strongest players, it takes a lot of mental and physical capacity and I'm grateful I was put in the position many times to test myself.  But for me, the road doesn't end, it's just beginning!! On the way i plan to help as MANY players as i can, provide them with the hope and support necessary to win at something that seems small but can have the biggest meaning to a true 3s player, the final stop will be to take on the world at San Fransisco with my family and some friends joining me in my trip to support so I will be prepared for anything and everything because this is 3s and it's NOT that kind of game!!


3:39:50 Grand Finals

- Nica K.O

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Reply Everdred
10:39 PM on December 6, 2013 
Good stuff thanks for sharing some knowledge I hope to make a danisen or two.