3rd Strike Ascension League

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The 3rd Strike community has had it's ups and downs every year.  With new games grabbing the attention, it's time 3s players took control and started showing people WHY this game is the greatest!  The "3rd Strike Ascension League" will be an organization of events (tournaments or Danisen battle's) to determine the most consistent players as well as introduce newer players with a helping hand from more experienced 3s players.  This is only the beginning, whether this turns out to be big or not, as a community, it's time we took matter's into our own hands like we always have done and show people what 3s is all about.  These events will most likely be held at Next Level arcade with tentative dates on a bi weekly or monthly schedule (Check the Calendar link at the top).  Some idea's that have been discussed are:

1) Single's and Team Tournaments
2) Danisen Battles
3) Special Exhibition Matches (Grudge Matches)
4) Special Tournament Format's (2v2 pairing Veterans/ Rookies)
5) Character Lock Tournaments (EX: Only Ken tournament)
6) Ratio Tournaments (Based on Character Tier)
7) Ft10 Special Match up Practice (Players play their worst match up vs stronger players to level up)

With more discussion and organization (info on upcoming event's will be posted via Facebook [This is 3rd Strike group page] or News link at the top), we hope this can turn into something worthy of being noticed by people in the area and hopefully spark that last flame in every 3s player's heart and revive the urge to play again.  As time goes on and if these events get bigger, there may be special prizes such as pot bonuses, free entry to tournaments, seeding points, etc.

"This game is NOT dead"

A beginning session will take place sometime in July and whether or not there's a big turnout
players should show up to remember who they used to be, A 3s player! 

Note: Feel free to join the site to receive email notifications on upcoming events or prizes, as well as any special gatherings
or check the Calendar link for details

If you wish to register with the site to receive email notifications, you can start in this section, you'll be able to receive private emails on contending for prizes, upcoming events, or even extra help based on your previous performances in a tournament, dan battle, or exhibition

Players that show up to these events can register themselves for Danisen battles with their name and character of choice.  Please check the News section on rules regarding the format of the Danisen's

This section will updated frequently on upcoming events, rules, special exhibitions, and/or prizes.  Anything new comes up, that's the section to check!

Stream Link:

For 3s lovers, let this bring you back!!

For newcomers......let's just say you NEED to see this!