3rd Strike Ascension League

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Civil War Tourney (Pot Bonus $300) + 3rd Ascension League: Danisen Battle #4

With barely any tournaments coming out for the holiday season, we decided to kick off the autumn season with a strong 3s tournament in NY.  Thanks to J Smith the Suit and Frenzii3s, we're going to plan a $300 pot bonus singles tournament at Nebulous Gaming on October 27th alongside the 3rd Ascension League's 4th Danisen Battle, which will feature some of the strongest players in NY to win the prize as well as level up their game as they attempt to reach the higher rankings in the Danisen Battle.  Aside from the bonus, we will also be playing on a CPS3 supergun with the asian port of 3s with 2 printer port sticks to have the closest arcade experience possible for this tournament.  The casuals will begin early at 5pm but will take the form of a Danisen Battle being that there will be one setup till the tournament starts at 7pm.  The casuals are similar to the Danisen as they are a winner stays on format, and being that it's on arcade, the winner is forced to stick to their character.  The only fees to pay will be the venue ($5) and tournament fee ($5), we hope for a strong showing and we'll be releasing a trailer to promote the event soon so keep an eye out for that and....practice up!!!!

3rd Ascension League: Danisen Battle #3 Announced

Sorry for the long wait, with the excitement of the tournament season cooling down we'll be reviving the competitive spirit with the 3rd Danisen Battle being held this weekend on Saturday, Sept 15, at Nebulous Gaming NYC.  Although there was only 1 TV and albeit delayed, it had the biggest turnout due to location and the venue fee is minimal.  So expect to have a lot of competition this time and level up your game by playing against some of the strongest players in the area.  The start time of the danisen hasn't been determined but you can arrive early for casuals and feel free to enter when it starts.  Remember, this will be held on Sept 15th, this saturday at Nebulous Gaming in Chinatown so hope to see everyone there! See you then!!

3rd Strike Results: Capcom 25th Anniversary Qualifier New York

Congratulations to ALL the players that showed up to this event.  New York represented the 3s scene very strongly with players from old and new coming out to show how strong they've become and the potential this scene has to strive for many more years.  At best, the 3s scene finally overcame the constant problem of being beaten out in the finals to players who don't play 3s anymore and for that we all deserve this win as a community.  In the end, the true purpose of the 3rd Ascension League was shown in this story of a tournament with rematches from previous tournaments, grudge matches between players, and the strength of a community's support for a single player to reach the top.  On behalf of the 3rd Ascension League, thank you to ALL of the players who showed up for a big 146 player turnout and a strong top 16 bracket for the finals!!

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition

1. Nica KO (Yang)
2. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Chun-Li)
3. Adam3s (Chun-Li, Dudley)
4. FC|ChrisG (Yang)

Nica KO qualifies for the 3S grand finals in San Francisco, December 8.

Grand Finals

Nica KO (Yang) vs. EG Ricky Ortiz (Chun-Li) – 3-1 Nica KO resets the bracket
Nica KO (Yang) vs. EG Ricky Ortiz (Chun-Li) – 3-2

Losers Finals

Nica KO (Yang) vs. Adam3s (Chun-Li, Dudley) – 2-0

Winners Finals

Nica KO (Yang) vs. Ricky Ortiz (Chun-Li) – 0-2

Losers Semi-finals

FC|ChrisG (Yang) vs. Adam3s (Chun-Li) – 1-2

Top 32 Winners Bracket Match Log

MTLSF|Chi-Rithy (Chun-Li, Yun) vs. Therapist (Ibuki) – 0-2
Nica KO (Yang) vs. Frantastic (Yun) – 2-0
 Ahmed (Chun-Li, Ken) vs. Gootecks (Urien) – 2-1
KOFiend (Yang) vs. EG|Rick Ortiz (Chun-Li) – 1-2

Top 32 Losers Bracket Match Log

RyRy(Chun-Li) vs. FC|Chris G (Yang) – 1-2
C-Royd (Ken) vs. Mutant XP (Necro) – 0-2
Adam3s (Chun-Li) vs. Eric Lee (Ken) – 2-1
Frankie (Ken) vs. EG|fLoE (Chun-Li) – 0-2

Pool Play Match Log

Wagdi (Chun-Li) vs. Sylvester (Yun) – 0-2
C-Royd (Dudley) vs. Ralph Edward (Chun-Li) – 2-0
C-Royd (Ryu) vs. Technical Monkey (Ken) – 2-0
C-Royd (Dudley, Ken) vs. Nica KO (Yang) – 0-2
Ahmed (Chun-Li) vs. Eric Lee (Ken) – 2-1
Frantastic (Yun) vs. Axel (Akuma) – 2-0
DiaperBomb (Alex) vs. GreenTea (Ken) – 1-2
Flash G (Ken, Ryu) vs. Stephen Mei (Elena) – 2-1
Frantastic (Yun) vs. Adam3s (Chun-Li) – 2-1

Info taken from Shoryuken.com

3rd Ascension League: Danisen Battle put on hold for August!!

Thank you to all the players that showed up to the 2nd Danisen Battle, we will be putting these Danisens on hold for this month due to overload of other activities such as SBO, Capcom Qualifier, Summerjam, etc which will all require the player's attention.  However as the month ends, we will be planning a tournament of our own and let the players know of the date, time, location, and possibly prize involved.  Until then, please continue to watch Nica K.O's training stream for an inside look on how a top player trains, plays, and gives information on matchups and other tournament experience.  Thanks again!!

3rd Ascension League: Danisen Battle #2 Announced (Official Date)

First off, I want to say thank you to ALL the players who came out to the 1st Danisen battle, it was really overwhelming to see up to 23 players come out, which is well above average for ANY 3s event in the NY area and I'm glad to see everyone itching to play.  With that said, although the previous location was convenient, we will be having the 2nd Danisen Battle at Next Level on July 27th.  The date is set and we will have at least up to 3 setups with CRT TV's and also a good working internet.  If you're unsure about the location please check the Contact section of the site to get all the details.  So hopefully we get to see a good turnout and although it may not be convenient for most players to show, these events are not tournaments unless otherwise stated so you can show up early and leave early if you wish.  I hope to see all you guys again and good luck to those looking to get stronger.  Everything will be recorded and if you wish to go over them on a daily stream just message me and I'll be glad to help you! See you then!!

3rd Ascension League: Danisen Battle #1 starts tomorrow! (Extra twist)

The 3rd Ascension League will finally get under way with it's very 1st Danisen Battle starting tomorrow at Nebulous Gaming NYC.  With a lot of interest being spurred for the event, I've decided to start the Danisen whenever we have up to at least 5 players!!  Given that more people will show up towards the 6pm mark, depending on the turnout, we may have enough people for a special tournament on the stream station while continuously running the Danisen on the side stations, I'll have a list available to register players onto the Danisen site as they report their wins and losses to me.  With 3 setups, we'll have one stream and 2 tv's so the schedule will go as follows:

TV #1 (stream):  Danisen battle will start (1st Dan - 3rd Dan)
TV #2: Danisen will be ran on this setup (1st Dan - 3rd Dan)
TV #3: Danisen will be ran on this setup (1st Dan - 3rd Dan)

As the matches continue, if more people show up, enough for a tournament (16 players), then the schedule will be as follows:

TV #1 (stream): Special All Character Tournament (EX: All Dudley tournamet)
TV #2: Danisen will be ran on this setup (1st Dan - higher)
TV #3: Casuals (setup will be used for regular games)

This will be the layout for tomorrows game's and with luck and good turnout, hopefully everything runs smoothly so hope everyone comes down tomorrow and best of luck to the players entering the Danisen!

Stream Channel set!

For the 1st Danisen Battle stream, we will be streaming on 3rd Ascension League twitch.tv channel


We'll be running regular streams throughout the week up until the 1st Danisen, so feel free to check out, starting at 7pm EST to ask questions, request matches, or make suggestions!

New Venue Announced: Nebulous Gaming NYC

For the 1st Danisen, there has been a change of venue from Next Level to Nebulous Gaming! This new venue is allowing us to use an entire floor to ourselves and with only $5 venue fee and 2 setups to come with it.  Considering this is a better deal than Next Level, we decided to change the venue.  The address, phone number, etc is posted in the Contact section so please feel free to do research on how to make it out to the event this weekend.  The 1st Danisen will officially take place, this Saturday, July 14th, at Nebulous Gaming (6A Elizabeth Street new york ,ny 10013. (located in chinatown))

Feel free to check out their facebook page for more details, and check back to 3rd Ascension for any more details on the event!

1st Danisen Battle Announced!

Beginning on July 14th (weekend after Evo), we will begin our first Danisen battle at Next Level (4013 8th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11232).  This Danisen will include rankings from 1st Dan - 5th Dan (given that players will level up quickly).  On the day, if you feel you want to register and play with more than one character then let me know and I'll be sure to keep record of you wins/ losses and put you into the Danisen table at the end of the night.  Please read the rules below or in the Members section.  Hope to see a good turnout and if you're a new player, feel free to enter.  There's no fee to enter any Danisen Battle at any time! July 14, 2012 at Next Level!

Danisen Battle Rules!

These are the basic rules for the Danisen Battles and will be applied for every session:

Newcomers start off at 1st Dan.

- Players generally fight against others of either the same rank or one rank above/below you in order to go up a rank.

- One match won = +1 point, one match lost = -1 point. +3 points moves you up one rank, -3 points moves you down one rank.

- The ranks are 1st to 10th Dan. Past 10th Dan are special ranks such as "Kyousha"("strong man").

- Players past 10th Dan can only fight against others of the same rank. +5 points moves you up one rank, -3 points moves you down one rank.

- Ranked players can play in other arcades with their rankings as is. 

- Players can register with more than one character under their name. (EX: Kuroda Q/ Kuroda Ken/ Kuroda Akuma)

Example: Players register a character e.g. Kuroda enters Ryu, into the league. Starting at the bottom or 1st Dan, players then compete in a winner stays on system earning points. A win earns +1 point and a loss -1 point, when a player reaches +3 points they're promoted to the next rank and visa versa -3 points a demotion. There are 10 'Dans' or 'Ranks', upon reaching 10th Dan there are more special Dans to reach such as 'Strong', 'Man of Valor', 'King' plus a couple more, to reach these you need to earn +5 points for promotion but -3 points still leads to a demotion.

Players Welcome!

Players who attend these events (who are also registered members) will be able to create blog posts about their experiences at these events as well as discuss anything they would like to see in terms of tourney format, etc. 

If you want to talk about how godlike you played in a Danisen, go ahead!

If you want to ask for tips, please do!

If you want any special exhibitions to see, feel free to say!

If you want to talk shit, don't expect a nice response!